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Fotografie Ropecult
Fotografie Ropecult

Maloja Investment SICAV a. s.

is a property investment fund based on the vast experience of its founders.

It was founded in 2016 by three successful entrepreneurs - Alan Gütl, Eugen Roden, and Petrus Hermanus Maria Winkelman - the aim being to engage in grand development projects. And with the long‑term vision of leaving a significant and meaningful mark on the Prague area into the future.

The main projects in which Maloja Investment has been involved since 2016 are creating a new centre for the city district of Kbely, the multipurpose Lihovarská building, and the Toužimská residential building. The company is, of course, open to other opportunities on the developing property market.

MALOJA Investment SICAV a. s.
Mladoboleslavská 1108, 197 00 Praha 9
Company Number: 05259797
Taxpayer Identification Number: CZ05259797

Logo Nové Kbely

Nové Kbely is rising within the former PAL Kbely industrial complex. The land, covering the 160,000 sqm of the former “car and aircraft accessory” factory, is undergoing gradual and sensitive revitalisation, all of which will lead to more than just another development of an abandoned site – to a functioning part of the city brimming with life. After all, Nové Kbely offers its residents plenty of space for work, sport, social life, and relaxation.

The district as a whole, however, will retain unique poetics and distinction that draw on its industrial roots. 6,000 sqm of new office space will be created with the intelligent reconstruction of the original buildings, constructed in the middle of the 20th century. Revitalisation as a whole, however, also involves the construction of new buildings, the restoration of inner roads and paths, and the construction of an entire infrastructure.

Nové Kbely will over time provide its residents with new shops, apartments, and offices. Companies such as Billa and Rossmann are among those set to open branches here. Work began on the construction of 97 new service apartments in September 2021. In time, a new brewery - Maják - will also open its doors, a building guaranteed to capture the attention at first sight on account of its unique architecture, designed by renowned architect Martin Rajniš. We are also planning extensive new sports fields in collaboration with the city district.

One other part of the complex is the Prague North Enterprise film studio, which Maloja Investment jointly owns together with successful film producer Filip Bobiňski. The studio, which covers an area of 1,000 sqm, provides the full range of facilities and meets the exacting demands of international film production. A whole host of commercials, advertisements, music videos, and popular Czech TV series (Kukačky, První republika) have been created here since 2019.
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Logo Loko Libeň

This unique multifunctional project on Lihovarská street offers living space for all those who are constantly on the move, live dynamically and follow trends while having everything easy to hand.

Modern flats in the 5th‑9th floors, office space for businesses both big and small and commercial units in the ground floor. The flats, which available in a variety of configurations ranging from studio flat (1+kk) to 2‑bedroom (3+kk), meet all the requirements for contemporary living. The majority of flats come with their own balcony and the option of renting a parking space.

Loko Libeň is an integral part of a traditional neighbourhood with perfect transport accessibility. The area is well connected to the Prague ring road and the north‑eastern approach road. The excellent accessibility is also appreciated by those who can get by without a car, as it lies within only a few minutes’ walk from tram and bus stops, as well as Českomoravská station on line B of the metro, from where it’s ten minutes to the city centre.

The project is located within reach of all civic amenities, including a health centre, schools, nursery schools, restaurants and cultural and sport facilities. It’s not far from the Harfa shopping centre, with its wide variety of shops and restaurants of all types. The complex of which Loko Libeň is part includes a nursery school, the Beseder restaurant with its excellent food, an art gallery and the Kolčavka microbrewery with its range of craft beers.

Lovers of major sports events and concerts will appreciate the proximity to the O₂ Arena and O₂ Universum venues, both of which play host to both Czech and global star performers. They’re also not far from the Gong and Divadlo pod Palmovkou theatres, as well as the up‑and-coming Pragovka art district.

Loko Libeň offers urban living with all of its advantages and dynamism, while only a few blocks away you’ll find plenty of green areas for relaxation, picnics or sport (large park near the Podvinný mlýn area, cycle route, sports grounds, Zahrádky Park…).

The dominant feature of Loko Libeň will be a footbridge, designed by David Černý, in the form of a railway locomotive, which will connect the project with the building opposite. In addition to giving the housing project its own uniqueness and style, the artistic object will also function as a subtle reference to the history of the area as a whole, which is connected to the rise of the railways, the former ČKD locomotive works and the visionary work of Emil Kolben.

Film studios

Modern studios intended for short‑term and long‑term hire for shooting films and television programmes.

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Climbing centre

“We don’t adapt to the space. We adapt the space to climbing.” This is the motto for a uniquely‑conceived hall that has been designed exactly to suit the needs of climbing enthusiasts. The ingeniously‑designed space provides 2,300 sqm of climbing surfaces of varying difficulty - for novices and recreational climbers to elite‑level athletes. Ropecult promotes a sustainable approach and makes use of natural light and fresh air. It provides space for children’s clubs, teambuilding, workshops, and physiotherapy consultation.

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MALOJA Investment SICAV a. s.
Mladoboleslavská 1108, 197 00 Praha 9
Company Number: 05259797
Taxpayer Identification Number: CZ05259797

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